Healthcare agencies recognize the need for highly educated nurses who are creative problem solvers. For this reason they prefer to hire baccalaureate prepared nurses to plan, carry out and evaluate patient care in their institutions. These nurses work in settings as varied as emergency rooms and operating rooms to school nurses’ offices and rural health clinics.

Baccalaureate prepared nurses are valued care givers and energetic leaders in hospitals, clinics, schools and mental health centers. Research demonstrates better patient outcomes – fewer infections and higher survival rates – in hospitals with more baccalaureate educated nurses.

Choosing to pursue a baccalaureate degree in nursing means:

• Choosing a thorough academic foundation in both science and humanities.

• Choosing a broad set of clinical experiences in a variety of settings.

• Choosing a secure future in nursing.
Pathways to a Baccalaureate in Nursing include:
» Traditional Baccalaureate Programs

» RN to BS Programs

» LPN to BS Programs

» Second Degree Accelerated Baccalaureate Programs